Disaster Recovery as a Service

Protect your business against disasters with NavLink Hot and Warm Disaster Recovery services.


Disasters are disruptions to the normal operation of critical information resources for a period of time ranging from few hours to several days, adversely impacting customer business. Business continuity planning and contingency planning are part of NavLink operational processes and procedures established with the customer to ensure availability of critical applications and data in the event of disasters. The plans developed as part of this process will direct response to incidents, and will ensure timely resumption of services while minimizing the business impact.

NavLink Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) helps businesses in customizing and implementing a disaster recovery solution to the exact needs, without breaking the bank. The solutions are designed to deliver against strict service level expectations, while reducing capital investment and operating costs. NavLink services are designed for fast recovery taking into consideration different scenarios to minimize RTO and RPO.

Warm and Live DR are two predefined offerings by NavLink delivered from state-of-the-art datacenters on NavLink’s secure Virtual Private Cloud hosted in France, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman, or hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

NavLink Disaster Recovery as a Service


  • Support for Physical and Virtual Machines
  • BW consumption reduction through deduplication and compression
  • Incremental server backups and change block tracking
  • WAN/network usage reduction
  • 256-bit Data encryption in-flight and at-rest
  • Restore validation


  • Immediately benefit from the service, without having to worry about licenses, hardware support, agent installation, or solution management
  • Local and Remote data protection for better resiliency against data loss, corruption, and disasters
  • Configure and activate a fully functional environment in minutes after a disaster recovery invocation
  • Comprehensive data protection solution
  • Address tight Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)
  • Address varying Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)
  • Agentless Solution

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