Storage as a Service

Highly available, secure multi-tier storage, for high performance applications.


While data remains the most important customer asset, protecting it from corruption, and ensuring it is available when needed without delays requires good experience in storage management, a hefty investment, and complex capacity planning.

NavLink Managed Storage Service answers all these needs by offering better application performance with lower costs. It is ideal for organizations that do not have, or have elected not to invest in the extensive resources necessary to manage a storage infrastructure in-house, relieving them from the burden of procuring and operating complex storage systems.

NavLink Managed Storage Service

Storage as a Service Features

  • Different range of disks targeting different workloads
  • Support for iSCSI and Fiber Channel protocols
  • Dual Ethernet/FC cabling between the SAN and the Customer rack
  • Tiered Storage: Tiered Storage is the assignment of different categories of data to different types of storage media to address the needs for different workloads, and to reduce total service cost
  • Support for RAID-DP

Storage as a Service Benefits

  • Improved Server, and Storage Infrastructure
  • Solution for increased data growth, and information islands
  • Centralized data Storage for building Private or Hybrid Clouds
  • Better performance and Reduced downtime
  • Better Capacity management and planning for various workloads
  • Multi-Tier model addressing various demands

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